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Hi Guys/Visters and Guest,
From next week you can expect many surprises and a lot of changes. Among its other new Fanstuff will remain until my fingers from the stuffing hurt haha. There are animations and new signatures and icons as far as the eye can occur. Considering, however, that still more work lies in the side because Amy and I make them alone. Should we seek new members for our site? Say it if you are interested. I will also create in the next few days, a gallery for the page to get in then all the pictures of Vince . One more question. Do you guys want a new layout ? Let us know both of them.
Now to the next topic. From 16.10.2009 you can buy Hypnotic Body! So save and storm the record stores. In addition, Vince will soon be for two months in Europe. We shall make appointments online. We prepare for a new section. Remains  in the near future there will be many innovations
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2.10.09 20:22


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Sascha (2.10.09 20:26)
the layout is good. why do you ask ?
So yes pleas cast new members for the site. I want to hel you girls. Maybe I can do the news ?
the site is verry great. Take care girls. You rock !
PEACE Sascha !

Monika (2.10.09 20:29)
great !

Rachel (2.10.09 20:52)
I really like it. You Girls are working really hard !

Anni (3.10.09 11:18)
like that layout but a new one would be great too

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